Business Mill connected local entrepreneurs and international students

Antti Pellinen, an experienced entrepreneur with a keen interest in startups, heard about the business idea that two LUT university students had developed. The news came through Business Mill. This marked the start of a journey from idea creation to building a job-creating business.

Yritystarina_Vesratio_Henkaus_Antin lisäykset

Pellinen works with startups as an investor, entrepreneur, board member, and a coach and consultant. He has gathered extensive experience in the ICT field during several decades. At present he is particularly interested in HealthTech, development of technologies for healthcare. Many of the companies that he has invested in operate in this sector. Vesratio Oy, among other businesses, provides solutions for monitoring the welfare of customers in home and institutional care.

Business Mill has an important role in the process

Antti Pellinen heard about the Henkaus business idea from Business Mill. After talking with the entrepreneurs behind the idea, he got interested in jumping on board. Now Antti is the chairman of the board, supporting the operative management at Henkaus Oy.

Henkaus Oy produces equipment for remote analysis of breathing and pulse. The devices produce data on the user’s current health status and expected changes. The starting point for this business was the idea developed by two students, originally from India and studying in Lappeenranta. They wanted to take the idea ahead, and that was when Business Mill entered the picture, helping to create contacts. Local entrepreneurs, together with Antti Pellinen, joined the team to develop the idea further.

Antti Pellinen claims that Business Mill has had an important role in the process when actively contacting prospective partners and creating networks. Cooperation with Business Mill has been extremely flexible.

- Business Mill has always been there when needed, and they have offered great ideas and insights, Antti Pellinen says.    

Business Mill has provided such ideas and insights that I had never come to think of.”

Encouragement for startups through successful business stories

Antti Pellinen thinks of Business Mill as a key player to attract more startups to South Karelia. He is convinced that students will have more courage to become entrepreneurs when they see how Henkaus has succeeded.

- There is always a demand for good ideas, and they will be supported, Antti Pellinen points out.