Download the Pitch Deck here to help you outline your business idea in a format that is suitable for financiers and customers. The purpose of the base is to provide you with the questions and structure, but the visual appearance is entirely up to you. 

We also compile here useful guides and business development tips for our customers, which are generated by LAB University of Applied Sciences’s RDI activities.

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We offer a wide range of support services for growth-seeking businesses in South Karelia

We listed the frequently asked questions about our services. Our experts are there to help you if you want to know more. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Who are the Business Mill services for?

Our services are for all businesses and new entrepreneurs in South Karelia who have invented a skills-based business idea, and who want to grow and internationalize their business. You do not need to have a detailed plan, you can come to us with just a rough idea. When we meet for the first time, we will define the situation and map out the pathway to success together.

Wirma Lappeenranta, Imatra Region Development Company, or Business Mill? Which one to turn to?

Wirma, Imatra Region Development Company and Business Mill work in close cooperation, so you can contact any one of them and you will be directed to the right channel considering your current needs.

Can I, as a startup entrepreneur, use the services offered in the Skinnarila Campus?

Yes, you can. It depends on what needs to be accomplished to develop your business idea and if the right kind of knowledge and skills are available in the Skinnarila Campus. Many of our clients have successfully benefited from the expertise and resources available in the Campus.

Are your services also for students, and how are Lutes and Business Mill different?

Yes, the same services are also available to students. In addition, student teams with at least one student from LAB's Lappeenranta campus can receive financial support for initial testing and marketing from €750 to €4000. As a student, you can contact our expert Kaisa Vainikka directly. She can tell you more about funding, and she will advise and spar students on how to get ahead.

LUTES is an entrepreneurial community of students from LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences, which organizes entrepreneurial events and programs for students and encourages and guides students in start-up activities. We work closely together, one example being the Idearace business idea competition in the spring. Our offices are located in the same corridor, in the main building of LUT University, upstairs in the TEK Lounge.

What do the services cost?

The services offered by Business Mill experts are free of charge for everyone.

I have dreamed of expanding my business abroad. Will you help me in the process?

Yes, we help the client to find the right resources, and advise and support in the internationalization process.

Can I have a personal mentor to help me when starting the business?

Business Mill clients typically have a long-term relationship with us, and we support them throughout the different stages of the business’s life cycle. Business development benefits from extensive support. We often refer entrepreneurs to business mentors, and many of our customers have found one through our business mentor network. Business Mill and business mentors complement each other’s work.

Will you help me start my business in the long term, or are your services based on just one meeting?

Business Mill services are not about just meeting once with the client. We support the entrepreneur throughout the development process according to their needs. A typical partnership lasts for months and comprises regular meetings and tasks.

Are your services confidential?

Trust is essential in our services. The client data remains within the Business Mill core team. If, concerning a client, we need to contact people outside the core team, we always ask for the client’s permission.