Brisk growth with a new range of luminaires

Tehdasvalo Oy, focuses on industrial lighting and produces industrial lamps. The company has a history of 30 years in operation, about 10 employees, and a turnover of around 1.5 million.


On the video, CEO Harri Koivumäki tells about the role of corona funding in developing their business. The corona crisis hit the company already in January 2020, when China and Italy were badly affected and factories were closed. There was a shortage of components even before the corona crisis arrived in Finland.

Domestic products replace imported ones

With the help of the corona funding from Business Finland, the company has developed a new range of lamps, providing domestic products to replace imported ones. The funding is used to buy services from Finnish designers, and considerable sums return to the state as taxes. The entrepreneur says that ”it is not so bad money when it is used in the right way. We are using it solely to carry out the project that it was applied for”.

At Business Mill, we have now a godfather, Eero”

The role of Business Mill in getting the corona funding was extremely important. The company had already earlier done some research into the topic, and cooperation began in 2018. Eero tells about existing projects and cooperation opportunities. An entrepreneur does not necessarily know how to find information on different financial aid and development projects. The company strongly aims for growth, and they firmly believe in creating 1-2 new jobs in their company soon.

Tehdasvalo Oy praises the corona funding scheme. It kicked off a long-time dream, and the company will certainly not stop developing new products.

Business Mill congratulates the company on the Entrepreneur of the Year South Karelia award!