Do you have an idea?

Have you completely thought through your business concept or does it still need refining? You can come to us with just an idea, without a business plan, team or vision about operations. We will help you with all these, totally in confidence. Take the bold step and come to talk with us.

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Help with getting the team together

Are you alone with your idea? When marketing a skills based business concept, the most critical point is creating the right kind of a team. We will coach you through finding the right people and building your team.

IDEARACE business idea competition

IDEARACE, designed for individuals and entrepreneurs in the South Karelia region, is a business idea competition that encourages and rewards ideas, regardless of the line of business. We can help you improve your pitching skills and offer you an opportunity to present your business idea to prospective partners.

Myllynkivet Pitching Arena

Could we coach you in pitching your business idea? Myllynkivet provides an inspiring framework to hone your pitch and receive feedback from experts. You have the opportunity to develop your skills before selling your idea to customers, partners, or providers of funding. We arrange the Myllynkivi event when requested, contact us!

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