Cooperation with universities pays off

Sunrob Packaging Oy was set up in January 2020. The company operates in Lappeenranta, currently in a large hall at the Etelä-Saimaa printing house, where they build robot systems. Cooperation with the universities at the Skinnarila campus has played a key role in the company’s development.


Help is needed when developing a new product and entering the international market

Sunrob contacted Business Mill to find out how they should proceed. When developing a new robotic product and starting a business, it is important to get help from the outside. The next steps must be well planned.

Despite the challenges we have succeeded in growing the business”

Sunrob’s plans for the future look good at the moment. Cooperation continues with Business Mill, LAB University of Applied Sciences, and LUT University. The company recommends Business Mill’s incubator services to all start-ups, particularly technology businesses. “Their staff have extensive experience of technology companies. That was a great help to us”, Sami Pörsti sums up.

Pörsti highlights cooperation with the universities. To date, the company has capitalized on their expertise in, for example, mechanical design, the strength of materials calculations, and marketing. Through the course and thesis projects, companies can obtain a valuable workforce to meet their varying needs.

South Karelia has proven to be an excellent environment

Lappeenranta, as the whole South Karelia region, has proved to be an excellent environment. Sami Pörsti claims that “this is partly because people are open and talkative, so it is easy to get in contact and get along. Surprisingly, these people have offered us good links to several companies.”

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