Business Mill linked the local small business with the university’s know-how

Mäkelän Takomo was established in Savitaipale in 1956 to make climbing irons. In a Business Finland development project for about a year, the company took action to make the production more efficient.


The company is grateful that LUT University got on board”

Business Mill helped with getting the funding and contacting the LUT Laboratory of Production Engineering. The project was started to develop an alternative solution to the somewhat outdated iron bending unit, and climbing irons were the pilot product. The project also included a survey of the domestic and foreign markets. The export prospects look good at the moment

The development project was very attractive also for the university

Juha Varis, Professor at LUT University, says that “this type of research is an excellent example of cooperation between LAB University of Applied Sciences and LUT University”. Business Mill linked the local small business with the university’s know-how. In the future, the university invites more development initiatives from businesses to incorporate in teaching and research.

Cooperation with the company was accomplished successfully and, what is more, at a regional level”

Juha Varis describes the starting point in this research project as “extremely rewarding and attractive”. The university was given a free hand to design the structure and materials. The company told only what the device will be used for. This development project was able to capitalize on the know-how gathered in the laboratory of sheet metal work technology in more than 30 years.

Does your business have any development needs? Could you make use of the university’s know-how? Contact Business Mill.

In the video, the entrepreneurs and university professor tell more about the development project. Cooperation in this project was extremely smooth between all the parties.

Mäkelän Takomo thanks all those involved in the process!

Filming & editing: Eetu Karppinen
Text, manuscript and direction: Kaisa Vainikka ja Vesa Punkka